Sarayan, the Land of Cisterns

Sarayan, the Land of Cisterns
Sarayan is a town of Southern Khorasan county, which has the area of 7,000 kms square. This town is to the north next to Gonabad, to the east is next to Ghayenat, Birjand and Khoosf Towns, to the south next to Tabass and Khoosf Towns and to the west is next to the town of Ferdows. TheSarayan towns geographical coordinates are 58 and 31 minutes longitude and 33 degrees and 51 minutes Latitude.
From the Archeological records of this area, they show the societies four thousand years B.C. were living near the Aysak Hills. So, we can say the historical past records of Sarayan was from that period, which is before Islam. The Historical Dam (Zoo) was from that period of time. In the Islamic period, this area was a part of Ghohestan which was in the first years of the Arab attack; it was in the hands of the Islamic group. Ebne Asir remembered Ahnafebneh Gheys who came to Khorasan from the TabbasRoad. From the geographic sources from the first centuries of Islam, we can’t see any name of Sarayan, but Archeologist Researches in this area has shown in Saljooghiyeh period. They have some hills and areas from that period of time and from the Essmailiyeh movements in this period, and from getting the Ghohestan Castle like Ghaleh Castle of Sarayan, we can say this area was very enterprising and populated in 5 and 6 century of Hejrat in Saljuqids period. Shah Abbasi’s Caravanserai (Caravan Inn) and different Water Reservoirs from the Safavi period have shown how much this area was important to the next periods.

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