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The first session of excavations at the Takhchar Abad Hills was done in 2009 which led to the identification of an adobe building, which was completely filled with alternating layers of stone and brick and where the monument was covered with sand from public view.

The second session of Archaeological Ecavations in the Kahnek ancient area with the aim of Archaeological excavations for teaching practices of Archaeology students at the Birjand University on 25/12/2015 was held. In this session, Students in the diggng finished their exploring training in the central area known as the Castle Kahnek.

The Second Conference of National Archaeology of Iran in cooperation with the Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan and the University of Birjand was held in the auditorium of the Great Museum of Khorasan which is located in Mashhad in the Boustan e Golestan, with the participation of Scholars, Researchers, Professors and Students of Archeology of the Country and took place for two days on the 18th and 19th November, 2015.

The joint team of Archeological Excavators from Iran and Italy visited the Chalo area of Jajarm of Northern Khorasan and the Prehistoric areas of Southern Khorasan.