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The Visit of a Society of 9 Iranian Tour Leaders to South Khorasan

The Chairman for the Society of Iranian Tour Leaders and its Board along with 9 persons visited the Governor General on the first of their visits to study the Tourism potentials and attractions of the County of South Khorasan.

 South Khorasan is ready to collect facilities and possibilities in the direction for the absorption of Tourists to the County.

From a report of the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, the General Governor said the Lut Desert is one of the natural unique in the county and added: all the liabilities of South Khorasan are ready to offer hospitality to Foreign and Domestic Tourists and Visitors.

The Director General of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism of South Khorasan said: “Some objects show the sign of the age. Some handwriting on stones, inscriptions suggest that the Transoxiana and great civilization centers existed in this County”.

He pointed to the different gardens in South Khorasan and said: “The Akbariyeh Garden and Building, Rahim Abad, Bahlgerd Gardens and the other gardens are the aspect of the Iranian gardens and those are the wonders of the Country and in these gardens the style of Iranian gardens is maintained”.

He said: “Two years ago Heydar Abad was the hottest area with 70 degree temperature and Naybandan of Tabas with the darkest sky in the Middle East is the best place to do star watching. South Khorasan has 15 Motels and 7 Hotels. Some Constructions and Hotels will be finished by the private sector soon; in this Counties infrastructure it is ready for the hospitality of Foreign Tourists and Visitors because the Tours are satisfactory from the facilities for visiting this county. The Foreign Visitors after entering the County do not like to go to the Hotels and stay there, they like to visit people’s houses and be with them and there is need to train the people on how to attract the Tourists”.

Its need to say and continue, the board of 9 persons of the Tourist Society visited the Rahim Abad Garden, Handicrafts Center, the Akbariyeh Garden and Anthropology, National Celebrities and Figures Museums.

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