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The Meeting of the Eco Tourism Committee Meeting of South Khorasan

The Meeting of the Eco Tourism Committee was held with the attendance of the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, a Group of Officials, the Fund Manager of Kar Afarin e Omid and the Activists of the Eco Tourism Section of the County at the Conference Room of the Cultural Heritage Administration.

From a report of the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, the Director General of Cultural Heritage of County said, “The strength of the County is the object of Eco Tourism. The potential of this County in the field of Eco Tourism is more than other counties and we should compensate some of the backwardness, and use new activities to actually have these capabilities”.
Mr. Hassan Ramazani emphasized: “We should monitor carefully the damage and with coordination between the sections minimize problems with Executive Agencies. The desert in this County is one of the most beautiful and intact deserts, and referring to the deserts in the County since late 1393 with the increase of tours, and especially in the past3 months we have had different tours which have visited them with Nationalities from France, Portugal and Germany with 19 cars, and a European Tour from Kerman and a German Tour, and soon, a French Tour will come to the Desert in the County. The Desert of Dehsalm is becoming a destination of Domestic and European Tourists. We must provide premises in the Desert so as to become an economic opportunity for the County because of the boom of Tourism is one of the most pivotal programs of the Government”.
We must add: In the continuation of this meeting, some decisions were made about the problems of Tour Agent Offices in the County, modeled on successful Counties, Development and Promotion in Eco Tourism Resorts and also the preparation of Management of Villages. Some of approvals in this meeting consist of: Pointing to the opening of workshops and travel teaching for the Governor for the purpose Tourism Villages to the Counties like Yazd and Kerman, to add trading to the benefits having positive effects of Tourism and Eco Tourism Resorts, and to touch the objects close up.
Other approvals of this meeting were to hold Committee meetings, The following Committees to fit the themes in the Towns and to be attended by Governors and Local Authorities.

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