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The Assistant of Development for the Office of Governors of Southern Khorasan: “The Tourism of the County has found true form in itself”

The Assistant of Development for the Office of Governors of Southern Khorasan today before noon, in the fourth meeting of the Working Group (Kar'Goroh) of Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism of Southern Khorasan in 2015 said: Proceedings for the Cultural Heritage were suitable and we claim Tourism is beginning to find its true form, however, we are still at the beginning of the way”.

From a report from the Public Relations Department and Cultural Affairs of Cultural Heritage Administration of Southern Khorasan, Mr. Homayoun Nakhaei Nezhad sent consolation for the days of mourning of Imam Hussein (AS) and said: “God bless us to try to perform the commands of religion like Imam Hussein (AS). Imam Hussein lead all his life for Islam and at this time we must ask ourselves, how much we stand and try for Islam and the Quran and how much talk and act is one and we must observe God's obligations”.
The Assistant of Development for the Office of Governors of Southern Khorasan continued: “We have a passion for Imam Hossein but we should be more careful in our senses. Especially our young people should pay more attention to the purpose of Imam Hussein (AS)."
He expressed his satisfaction about the launch of the Cultural Heritage bilingual website, and said: “The bilingual website was a necessity to introduce the County in hope to add support and keep it up to date constantly. The information which is good for Tourists should be added to the website, because if a Tourist views something in the County which is different from the information on the website, it will form an opposite result. In attention to the increase of Arab Tourists, we must use the Arabic language on the website of the Cultural Heritage Administration and over time this website should be translated into other languages. Also giving information is not sufficient and also the service and maintenance should be considered”.
The Villages of Akbariyeh and Rahim Abad have the ability to become an Eco-Museum
The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of the County in a fourth meeting of the Work Group of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Southern Khorasan said: “The Villages of Akbariyeh and Rahim Abad have the ability to become an Eco-Museum and in attention to the World Registered of the Akbariyeh Garden, each step of work in this village should be in accordance with International Standards”.
Mr. Hassan Ramazani pointed to the main activities of the Cultural Heritage Administration of the County in time of the Work Group and said: “The UNESCO evaluators a few days ago went to the Lut Desert which, according to them, showed review and assessment results were very satisfactory and promised to sign the 2016 UNESCO Summit for the registration of the Desert on the World Heritage List. The other programs which the Administration undertaken during this period of time consist of, The Arrival of the International Rally Tourists to the Dehsalm Desert, Foreign Professional Desert Hiking Tourists entered the County, The First Eco-Tourism Residency was launched in Tabbas, Restoration of the Façade at the Entrance to the Akbarieh Garden, Renovation of the Storeroom on the East side of the Akbarieh Garden which was a Wildlife Museum for a Library, Setting up the Handicraft House in the Village of Dehsalm and the Town of Ferdows, Development of Two Tourism Projects in Ferdows and Ghayen, various programs of events for World Tourism Day and Tourism Week and Children’s Week etc”.
The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism pointed out the visit to the County by Mr. Hartmut Niemann, the Author of the book ‘The Encyclopedia of Iranian Tourism’ with the Tour Leader from Germany and said: “This author promised he will send German Tours to the County and he will add a perfect introduction about this County to his book”.
Mr. Ramazani also pointed out the visit of Dr. Ibrahim Buy Salami the Special Representative of the President to the Supreme Council of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of the Country and the Executive Manager of Welfare Holdings and Social Security Tourism Company and said: “The Desert Hotel which had not been completed in the past 22 years, will be the first project in the County to be completed within two years. With the visit of Mr. Asadollah Darvish Amiri, the Deputy of Parliament, Legal and Provincial of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the Country to this County and during a meeting with General Governor of Southern Khorasan some decisions were made between them that the ‘Kolah Farangi Fort’ is to be transferred to the Cultural Heritage Association to begin undergoing renovation”.
Then the Deputy of Tourism section of Cultural Heritage Administration gave a report of the follow-up of previous resolutions of the Group Work, Programs of Tourism Week and organized Foreign Tours.
It is needed to say: “In this meeting the first phase of the bilingual website of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of the County was celebrated, with the address: www.skchto.ir”

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