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The County of Southern Khorasan is the Destination for German Tourists in the Barberry and Saffron Season

Mr. Hartmut Niemann, the Author of the book "The Encyclopedia of Iranian Tourism" with the Tour Leader from Germany at noon today had a meeting with the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of County and he announced the design of a tour which will be called "Let's Harvest Barberry and Saffron".

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, the Director General of Cultural Heritage of the County in this meeting he said: “Tourism in this county is new and the touring of this area is economical and is cheaper than the rest of the World”.
Mr. Hassan Ramazani after pointed to the ethnic and cultural affinity with Germany, he asked Mr. Hartmut to give a good introduction of the County of Southern Khorasan in his book.
He continued about the unique attractions of this county and said: “This County has four red productions which are named "The Rubies of the County" which consist of Jujube, Barberry, Saffron and Pomegranate”.
Mr. Ramazani added: “The people of this county are original and they’re not dealing with Tourists with a trade look, but they like their guests to have a good time and have a fun on their visit”.
Mr. Hartmut Niemann, the Author of the book "The Encyclopedia of Iranian Tourism" said: “This book is the result of 10 years activity where Southern Khorasan was colorless in this book and after this trip this county will have a better introduction”. He pointed to his trips to Iran over 40 years and said: “My first trip was in the summer of 1979 and after that I became interested Iran and learnt the Persian language. Now we have very many requests to travel to Iran, but 80 percent of Tourists like to travel to Iran in April, May, September and October and most of these trips are to cities such as Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz etc., while I am following the introduction of new locations with a new capacity. Two years ago I had a good trip visiting “The Iranian Gardens", that are nine gardens recorded in the World, but unfortunately I've had never seen two of these gardens, so then I decided to travel to Southern Khorasan”. He outlined the capacity of Southern Khorasan is excellent for touring, and said: “When I return to Germany I will design a tour called "Let's Harvest the Barberry and Saffron" and I will bring Tourists from Germany to this County”.
He emphasized Iran is a secure country for Tourists in the Middle East Area, and said: “Iran is a modern country and the original east is to be found here”.
It’s needed to say: “The purpose of Mr. Hartmut Niemann’s visit to this County is to visit the attractions of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism and to add them to his book of ‘The Encyclopedia of Iranian Tourism’. He will stay in this County for 6 days and during his stay will visit the Handicraft Workshops, the Villages which are attractions for Tourism, Historical Attractions, Deserts Mineral Spas in this and County”.

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