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The first Desert Trekking Festival in the Hemmat Abad Desert by girl students of Southern Khorasan

The first Desert Trekking Festival was held in the Hemmat Abad Desert by girl students of Southern Khorasan in cooperation with the SID (Jihad of University), Minab Seir-e Shargh Corporation and the Cultural Heritage Agency of Zirkouh.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, The Liable of the Cultural Heritage of Zirkouh said: “It was a two-day tour, with more than 80 girl students and others participating who visited the Hemmat Abad Pristine Desert and other beautiful areas of the city, especially the Villages of Hemmat Abad and Ardakoul”.
Mr. Soroush added: “On this tour they produced some programs like; local music, Observation of Stars, Camels Riding and a Safari and also they held an environmental teaching workshop about the vegetation, fauna and protection of the environment”.
He also thanked the Police and Red Crescent Staff of Zirkouh for the safety and security of tourists and said: “The aim of this tour was to introduce the abilities and attractions of the Hemmat Abad Desert to the Tourists. The Hemmat Abad Desert is located 60 Km from the City Center of Zirkouh and is one of the beautiful tourist attractions which attracts many enthusiasts”.

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