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French Tourists Visit the Dehsalam Village

This time Lut Desert Office and Dehsalam Village was the host to French Tourists.

Hemmat Abad Desert was the Host of French Tourists

The Supervisor of the Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Representative of the Town of Zirkouh was informed about the French Tourists and their visit to the attractions of the Town.

At the recent International Exhibition of Tourism and Related Industries in Tehran stands from the Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Khorasan were excellently welcomed.

German Tourists enter South Khorasan

15 German Tourists arrived in the county to visit Historical and Tourist attractions of South Khorasan.

Mr. Rahmani Movahed, the Tourism Assistant of the Cultural Heritage Organization and Chief of Staff Coordination Travel Services of Iran entered the County to check the Tourism status in South Khorasan.

The Assistant of Tourism, Investment and Recourses of the Cultural Heritage Administration of South Khorasan, funds allocated to Tourism projects in the County from the credit of article 180 was low in the five year program of development in Islamic Republic of Iran in 1394 has been announced.

The Chairman for the Society of Iranian Tour Leaders and its Board along with 9 persons visited the Governor General on the first of their visits to study the Tourism potentials and attractions of the County of South Khorasan.

French Tourists Enter the County of South Khorasan

A Group of 9 French Tourists entered the County on 10th to 11th December, 2015 using 4 cars (4.W.D).

The Meeting of the Eco Tourism Committee was held with the attendance of the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, a Group of Officials, the Fund Manager of Kar Afarin e Omid and the Activists of the Eco Tourism Section of the County at the Conference Room of the Cultural Heritage Administration.

Investment Opportunities in the Field of Tourism will be introduced in South Khorasan

The Assistant of Development for the Office of Governors of Southern Khorasan today before noon, in the fourth meeting of the Working Group (Kar'Goroh) of Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism of Southern Khorasan in 2015 said: Proceedings for the Cultural Heritage were suitable and we claim Tourism is beginning to find its true form, however, we are still at the beginning of the way”.

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