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Norway's Ambassador Visits South Khorasan

The Ambassador of Norway in the Islamic Republic of Iran in her program paid a two day visit to the County of South Khorasan.

From a report of the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan; Mrs. Odyssey Nourhim last night met with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Executives of some large Industrial Companies at the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines in Birjand. Yesterday the Ambassador of Norway visited the Akbariyeh Garden, Building and Market which was on her program in Birjand.
The programs of the Ambassador of Norway in this two day visit to South Khorasan included: Meeting and reviewing the fields of South Khorasan in Economic Cooperation with Norway, visiting the Powerful Hands Exhibition of Birjand, visiting the Kosar Protection Center, visiting the Center of Chemotherapy in Birjand and meeting with the Heads of Universities in the County.
Visiting the town of Khousf and meeting the Governor of the town was another main program for the Ambassadors visit to South Khorsan.
She took part in harvesting Saffron and Amaryllis, visited the Historical places of Khousf, Handicraft Workshops of Towel Weaving, Pottery and Carpets.
The Governor of Khousf said the aim of this visit was to develop Tourism, Occupation and Investment.
We need to say that this is the second visit of the Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Khousf was previously visited by Mr. Julio Haz the Ambassador of Switzerland in February 2015 when he visited Khousf.

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