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The Ambassador of Denmark Visited the World Mansion of the Akbariyeh Garden of Birjand

The Ambassador of Denmark with Mr Ibrahimi the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Khorasan on the 24/05/2016 was the guest of Mr. Ramazani the Director General of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism of the County and they have visited the world complex of the Akbariyeh Garden and Mansion Museums with the comprehensive descriptions of Mr. Ramazani.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, the World Complex of the Akbariyeh Garden and Mansion of Birjand which is one of the most historical and index buildings of Birjand and the main destination of the Ambassadors and Foreign Tourists, and in 2011 with the other 8 Iranian Gardens were registered on the World heritage List and consist of Anthropology, Archeology, National Figures and Wild Life Museums of the County.

The Ambassador of Denmark while visiting the Museum of the World Complex of Akbarieh also visited the exhibition of handmade carpets. He and Mr. Ramazani also visited the Exhibitions of 'Introducing the World Heritage Akbariyah Garden and Lut Desert Offices' and 'Refurbished Objects' which holds collections to commemorate the International Day of Museums and Cultural Heritage Week.

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