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Giving the National Insignia of Quality of Handicrafts to 13 Handicrafts of South Khorasan

The Assistant of Handicrafts and Local Arts of the County said 13 Insignias of Quality of Handicrafts have been given to the Artists of South Khorasan.

 From a report of the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, Mr Hossein Abbasszadeh the Assistant of Handicrafts of the Administration said: “The National Insignia of Quality of Handicraft Objects is one of the protections from the Assistant of Handicrafts of the Country, in order to identify fine works in accordance with the recipes shown such Creativity, Innovation, Environmental Non-polluting Products, Geographical Origin, and Production which these works have undertaken the insignia that are mentioned in the arbitration hearing which will be held by UNESCO, indicates the quality of the product”.

He added: “In this way, at the third arbitration hearing of quality of the Handicrafts in Eastern of the Country which was held in Mashhad on 14th till 16th December, 2015, the specialized evaluation by 5 Judges of the 22 objects offered by the County of South Khorasan was 13 Objects consisting of :5 objects of Towel Weaving, Pakhal and Sofreh Ardi from the Town of Ghayenat, 1 object of Etching and 3 Embossed Inscriptions of Ceramic Glazes from Ferdows, a pair of Cushion Rugs from Zirkouh, 2 objects of Pakhal Weaving from Tabas and a object of Traditional String Sewing from Birjand successful in receiving the insignias”.

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