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The Artists of Southern Khorasan were approved to take part in 9 Handicraft Exhibitions

In the first six months of this year, the artists of Southern Khorasan were approved in 9 exhibitions and they introduced and presented Handicrafts of the County.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, the Assistant of the Handicraft Administration said: “The marketing and selling of handmade products of active artists is always the large concern of the liable executive. Among the major programs of this Department is to support the artists and manufacturers in the sale and marketing of handicraft products which happens with the artists being approved and unapproved in the exhibitions”.
Mr. Hossein Abbas Zadeh continued: “In this regard and according to various national and international festivals and exhibitions, the artists of this county have taken part in these exhibitions and they occupied 23 booths. The artists of Southern Khorasan participated in the Festival of Iranian People in Gorgan with local products consisting of three products such as Chalangari, Traditional Blacksmith, Traditional Towel Weaving and Carpet Weaving (Gelim) and they occupied 20 booths of Handicraft Exhibitions in Yazd, Khorasan Razavi, Ardebil, Gorgan, Kermanshah, Markazi, Zanjan and Bojnord with 20 artists from the county in several Handicraft fields taking part”.

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