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Attempts to Revive Three Local Handicrafts of South Khorasan

During this year (2015) attempts to revive three local Handicrafts is on the agenda of the Assistant of Handicrafts of Southern Khorasan.
From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, the Assistant of Handicrafts of the County said: “The products of Iran, in terms of color, vitality, quality and diversity are in a favorable position”.

Mr. AbbasZadeh added: “From the handicraft field which is chosen in the country nearly 80 of the Handicrafts of Southern Khorasan are still being made or are in the process of production”.
The Assistant of Handicrafts for the County continued: “The revival of three local handicrafts is on the agenda of this Assistant. They consist of Barak Weaving, Palas Weaving and Giveh Weaving (Traditional Shoe Making) which with the help of the old masters of these arts and our assistance it will have a good future. Some samples of Barak Weaving from Sarbisheh and Palas Weaving from Ghayenat and Shoe Making from Tabas are ready, from which two samples of Palas Weaving and Barak Weaving will be sent to receive National Arm”.
Mr. Abbas Zadeh remembered: “Already, the Assistant of Handicrafts for the Cultural Heritage Administration of Southern Khorasan was able to completely revive the fields like: Towel Weaving, Burlap Weaving (Karbas), Bedspread (Chador –Shab) and Jajim Weaving”.

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