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The Offering of Handicraft Products of Southern Khorasan in Standard Packs

The Assistant of Handicrafts for Southern Khorasan informed the offering of Handicraft Products of the County in standard packs with dignity.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan:
Mr. Abbas Zadeh said: “The main thing of a product is the packaging which is responsible for introduction and maintenance of the goods from production to consumption”.
He continued: “Since appropriate packaging and to offer the product is an important way to be used to have a better market and to attract the customer”.
The Assistant of Handicraft of the Cultural Heritage Administration of the County after pointing out that the design and packaging of the products of woven Towels of the County had been done in previous years and the Craftsman liked them, he added, fortunately, we were designing Handbags in two size, medium and large, and designing the special packaging for Earthen Products this year”.
Mr. Abbas Zadeh “Hoping, if we have financial sources, this procedure will be continue until the end of this year and until the all handicrafts do not have special packaging the products offered will be Handbags with local designs and the Brand of Southern Khorasan”.
He noted: “In attention to the importance of the packaging project, this will be the first project with the Assistance of Cultural Heritage of Southern Khorasan”.

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