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A Clay Pot and a Kohl Bar of Metal from the Islamic era have been restored at the Restoration Lab of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration.

Archeological Earthen Pottery from the Islamic era has been cleaned, preserved and strengthened at the Restoration Lab of the Administration of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism of South Khorasan.

In order to restore the original value of World Heritage of the Akbariyeh Garden, the façade at the entrance is to be restored based on historical evidences.

The Office Manager of the Akbariyeh Garden of World Heritage gave information of the store on the east side of the Akbariyeh Garden has started to be renovated to be used as a Library.

Monday, 19 October 2015 08:53

The Reconstruction of the Citadel of Tabas

The Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Office of tabas gave information that: 'The southern fence of the Government Citadel of Tabas is under repair and reconstruction'.