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190 Foreign Tourists Visited Museums in Birjand During 1394.

The Liable of Museums of the Cultural Heritage Administration of South Khorasan gave information that 190 Foreign Tourists visited Museums in Birjand during 1394 and he said: "From this count of Tourists, 150 visited the Akbariyeh Historical Garden and 40 visited the Athletics Heritage Museum in the Historical Contexture of Birjand".

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, Mr. Gholam Hossein Shoeybi continued: "From the total of Foreign Visitors to the museum's of Akbariyeh in Birjand 130 were Tourists and from tours of Italy, Lithuania, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and China, who traveled to Iran and nearly 20 persons were Ambassadors and Political Representatives from Belgium, Austria, Czech, Holland, South Africa, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and the President of the UNESCO Regional Office visited Museums and Collections of the Garden and Building Akbariyeh in Birjand".
The Historical Garden and Building of Akbariyeh after being recorded on the World Heritage List it is one of the main tourism focuses of Birjand and has become South Khorasans and one of four National Museum Figures of Archeology, Anthropology and Wildlife".

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