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Second Session of Archaeological Excavations of Birjand University Students in the Kahnek Ancient Area in Sarbisheh, South Khorasan

The second session of Archaeological Ecavations in the Kahnek ancient area with the aim of Archaeological excavations for teaching practices of Archaeology students at the Birjand University on 25/12/2015 was held. In this session, Students in the diggng finished their exploring training in the central area known as the Castle Kahnek.

Trenches were made in dimensions of 8 × 10 meters. In this excavation findings were found from the third and fourth centuries A.D. and structures from the Medieval Islamic Architecture and pieces of pottery. In this session of excavation they found the battlement of the Kahnek castle, side space of the castle and the central courtyard of the castle and the area around surrounding. Entry spaces are not clear. The materials used in the architectural structures are relevant to the Seljuk and Patriarch era which included: wall (Chineh), rubble stone, brick, mud mortar and plaster. Two pieces of pottery related to the Sassani era. Various objects such as stone beads and enamels, bronze objects, roof timbers related to architectural spaces, are medieval related to 6th and 7th century.
In this area 3 sessions of excavations were done started from 2013 and have now been completed.
Its need to say, in these researches in this area they had found a windmill, cemetery and signs of two brick furnace which is belong to Qajar era.

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