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The Old Cypress Tree of Moulid has been Registered on the List of the National Natural Heritages

From a report of the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, the expert for the Registration of Natural Heritages in this Administration said: “After reviewing the Records and Policy of the Natural Heritage Committee which was held in Tehran on the 18/11/2015 the Old Cypress Tree of Moulid was Registered on the List of the National Natural Heritages”.

Mrs. Zahra Rezayei Malakouti added: “This Old Tree is located near to the Aqueduct and Pool in the Village of Moulid. The tree has a lush and green appearance and at the southern side has a hollow cavity. The trunk from a distance at 2 meters from ground level the sub-branches are the largest branches at 2/30 meters. The torsion and scaling of the trunk is a sign of the age of this tree. The trunk of the tree at ground level is 7.20 meters in circumference and from the breast is 5 meters and is 20 meters in height. The people of the region highly value and respect it a great deal. The watering of this tree is done by the subterranean of the village. Near this Old Tree remains of a monument belonging to the pre-Islamic era and a Cemetery of the Islamic era has been located”.

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