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The Archeological Excavation of the Joint Team of Iran and Italy visited Prehistoric Areas in Southern Khorasan

The joint team of Archeological Excavators from Iran and Italy visited the Chalo area of Jajarm of Northern Khorasan and the Prehistoric areas of Southern Khorasan.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, Dr. Rafael Bishoune from Naples University in Italy and Mr. Ali Akbar Vahdati the Assistant of Cultural Heritage of Northern Khorasan visited the Kale- Koub area of Sarayan, Gavand, Sar- Takht of Baghestan in Ferdows and the Archaeological Museum of Birjand.
This team on their visit said: “The Prehistoric Potteries of Southern Khorasan related to a specific and local culture and the Chalcolithic data from Southern Khorasan do not have any cultural relation with the Sistan and Balouchestan or with the northern half of Khorasan. The findings of the Bronze Age in the County which were recently obtained are mainly imported and did not exist in any previous cultural background in the field of this kind of pottery”.

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