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The Shovel (Bill-Zani) Ceremony in Moharram from Khousf, which was registered in the Intangible Heritage

Shovel or Spade Ceremony (Bill Zani) is the only event in the month of Muharram which is not held in every township. This ceremony is held only in Khoosf at noon of the day of Ashoura.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, the Liable of the research section said:The Shovel or Spade Ceremony has a long history in this township and people believe that the event was banned in 1327 and did not take place again, but after a while it started again. For holding the event in Khoosf, two groups of fifteen people form a total of four categories. Each member holds a shovel or spade in their hand, they form circles and keep their hands reaching up to the sky together holding the shovels, and during the jumping up and down of the people they bang each other’s shovel’s blades together and with one voice cry out “Heydar Ali”.
Mr. Seyed Ahmad Barabadi said: As mentioned, this event only takes place in Khoosf and the residents of the city believe that if they don’t have this event that year will not be a good one for them and crops will be damaged. The Bill Zani Ceremony is related to the Bani Asads Tribe in the Desert of Karbala. The Bani Asads Tribe after the event of Ashoura, they buried their loved ones with shovels and the other tools.
The Shovel (Bill-Zani) Ceremony with No: 508 on the 10/09/2012 was registered in the List of Intangible Heritage in the Country.

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