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Traditional Rituals of the Seven Pulpits (Haft Manbar) in Southern Khorasan during the month of Muharram

The Seven Pulpits is one of the ‘Muharram’ rituals which are held at sun set on the day of ‘Tasoua’ by women. The old and young women and girls light candles in some places where there is a shrine.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, the Liable of Research Section of this Administration said: “This event is organized by the servants of the Mosque, Hosseiniyeh’s and or at homes. They cover the pulpits with black cloths from the evening of ‘Tasoua’ and they put it near the Mosque or Hosseiniyeh with a big tray or tub full of flowers on one of the steps of the pulpit and on the other step they put an empty one, the women go to these places near sun set and after making wishes they light candles and put them on the empty tray and then they put an offering into the other like dates, sweets and money and then they go to the next place”.
Mr. Seyed Ahmad Barabadi added: “Usually in each place they light one candle but if a Mosque was closed or the distance was far away they may be light two candles in one place. The offerings collected are for the servants of the rite who must stay there until the ritual comes to an end and the candles are burn out and the candles should not be touched as the soul stays until the candles are burnt out and they keep the candle wax somewhere in the Mosque.The seven pulpits is now one of the ‘Muharram’ Ceremonies, respect and confidence is the light of Iranian customs from the pre-Islamic era. The Islamic era, like many other ceremonies, this ceremony, overtones religion and now the ceremony is held for the mourning of the martyr Imam Hossein”.
Its need to say: The Ceremony of the Seven Pulpits (Haft Manbar) was registered on the Intangible Heritage List with the No.507 on 10/09/2012

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