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The Beginning of Renovation the Storeroom on the East side of the Akbarieh Garden

The Office Manager of the Akbariyeh Garden of World Heritage gave information of the store on the east side of the Akbariyeh Garden has started to be renovated to be used as a Library.

From the report of the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan, Mr. Jannati Far said: “The purpose of this operation is to expands the library area and reading room and the storeroom on the east side will be added to the existing library. The renovation of this place consists of peeling plaster walls of old thatch, re-flooring the interiors, repairing outdoors, repelling moisture and to use anti-termite and he said this operation will take 35 days to complete”.
The Office Manager of the Akbariyeh Garden of World Heritage, the credit for these operations in this segment will be 300,000,000 Rials which will be paid by the Office of the Akbariyeh Garden of World Heritage.
Mr. Janati Far noted: “The Library of the Akbariyeh Garden from 2009 was located to the east side of the building”.

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