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"Alam Gardani", the Spiritual Rituals of Southern Khorasan's People in the Muharram

Flag Parade (AlamGardani) is a mourning ceremony in county of Southern Khorasan. Many years ago when important persons died and later formed beliefs of the Islamic religion, the colour and shape of religious traditions were implemented as one of the mourning methods during the month of Muharram.. In this event some of the persons who keep the flags known as Alam chi, and holy leaders on the funeral procession carry the flags to the people’s houses and make offerings.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of the County of Southern Khorasan: The liable of Research section of this Administration said:Usually on the fourth or fifth day of the month of Muharram, they begin the Alam-Gardani, the landlord pays respect to the flag and they take their offerings to the people which is consist of bread, money, wheat, dates, sweets and nuts. The cemeteries are the other places where they take the flags (Alam) and there they put down the flags on each tomb and they recite the Fatehe prayer.
The Liable of Research section of Cultural Heritage Administration of County said:Today the Alam Gardani Ceremony does not take place in some places of county of Southern Khorasan and is only held in the places which have the flag (Alam). The stand of the flag is wooden and reaches 3 to 5th meters in height and is covered by materials which are called Alams Shirt or Alams Cover and the colour of the Alams are usually green or black and sometimes has white and light colours included. The green flags are famous to Hazrat Abolfazl e Abass’s flag and the black to Imam Hussein (AS) and the other Imams. On top of the flags they put the anadem (Towgh) and they tie many clothes under the Towghs which many of them are offerings and come from the local people. The clothes are in different colours but black and green are to be seen more.
He added: The Flag Parade Ceremony with No: 628 on the 12/12/2012 was registered in List of Intangible Heritage in the Country.

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