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The Ceremony begins with the Alam Bandan rituals of Muharram in Southern Khorasan

The Alam is the most important tool in the implementation in the Muharram mourning ceremonies. In each part of the county to sign the name of each of the Alams for Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions and each of the alams is the symbol of each person.

The ceremony of Alam Bandan or Aghd Bandan is done on the evening of the last day of the month of Dhul Hijjah in some areas which marks the start of celebrations for Muharram. In some villages the ceremony begins during the fifth, sixth and seventh days of Muharram as mentioned in the writings about Karbala.
The Alams are usually monitored and the Alamchi usually owns the Alams. It is inherited from father to elder son of the family. On the day of Alam Bandan, people are informed by the Herald of reading or the Speakers. After the gathering together of people, the elders and Sadats of that area they close the clothing, paper, textiles production of the town and the circle of Alams, and smoke from the lighted Sepands and a person chanting songs, and others reciting the Salavat begins the ceremony.
Ceremonies of Alam Bandan with No: 627 have been registered in list of Intangible Heritage in the Country.

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