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The County of Southern Khorasan is hosting An Assessor for UNESCO

Representatives of the UNESCO Evaluation Committee, this morning entered the County for the final evaluation for the registration of the Baladeh Subterranean on the World Heritage List.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of Southern Khorasan: The UNESCO assessor "Mr. Pamouchi Kaziya", after arriving in the County, visited the World Garden and Building of Akbariyeh and its museums, galleries and restoration laboratory which is based there.
Then Mr. Pamouchi Kaziya with Mr.Talebian the Deputy of Cultural Heritage of the country and Mr. Ramazani the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of the County of Southern Khorasan, in order to evaluate the situation of the Baladeh Subterranean went to the Town of Ferdows.
It is necessary to say that: If the Baladeh Aqueducts documents are approved by the UNESCO assessor, this aqueduct will be one of the World Heritages in May of next year at the UNESCO session.
Mr. Pamouchi Kaziya will check the documents of 11 aqueducts of Iran which are ready for world recording and he will be communicating all reports to UNESCO and from UNESCO there will be notification that the aqueducts have been selected or not for the recording on the World Heritage List.
Also all actions concerning the Baladeh Aqueducts have been done, checked and the conclusion is to be presented to Deputy of UNESCO.

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