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The Valley and Old Plane Tree of Tajnoud Village of Zirkhouh Town has been recorded on the Natural National Heritage List

The Valley and Old Plane Tree of Tajnoud Village of Zirkhouh Town has been accepted for Registration and Protection of the Natural Heritage Committee in Tehran and was recorded on the Natural National Heritage List on 14/12/2016.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, Mrs. Zahra Malakouti the Expert for the Administration for Recording Natural Heritages said: 'In neighboring Hemat Abad the thorny and hot desert of Zirkouh of an area less than five kilometers, is one of the miracles of God on earth which has happened, has lush and beautiful valleys with a stream and massive trees that is known as a tourism Paradise in the County of South Khorasan.

Tajnoud Valley is 70 km south East of the center of Zirkouh and is adjacent to the old Tajnoud village. On both sides of the valley are gardens which have Apricot, Jujube and Barberry trees.

When the flow of the river ends sandy rocks appear. Water slowly over time and without any hurry beautifully cut into the limestone and has found its way, white limestone rocks with water power, which have vertical walls up to three meters width, water flowing river, full of energy and life and which passes through valley.

Tajnoud valley in addition to its natural high position is important historically and culturally where one of the most important monuments of the past periods is the Tajnoud historic dam downstream of the river which still remains.

Tajnoud historical dam, water mills, an old castle and the Dokhtar Castle of Tajnoud are unique talents with special abilities of the Tajnoud Valley. As the weather warms enjoying the most sense is in the Tajnoud beautiful valley so that holidays in this beautiful paradise draws countless tourists.There are many trees linning the Tajnoud valley route of which seven strong stout old planes with eye-catching greenery present themselves in the valley. Almost all the old sycamores have hollow tree trunks and the thick trunks are left with only a thin wall yet still firm and have retained their greeness. The seven planes, each other on the track that if we were next to each plane with a cursory look around, next the plantaintion is clearly visible. All of this plane hss a path length of 525 meters in the valley approximately 2 kms away. The Tajnoud Valley dates back 500 to 600 years and the extent of the crowns cover 50 to 113 square meters. 

Protection and preservation of this valuable and unique natural effect after its registration, was of particular importance and comprehensive cooperation is for nature lovers and tourists.

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