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The Cultural Landscape of Nayband Village has Registration as a National Effect

The Cultural Landscape of the Nayband Village in the South of Tabas, on the road side of the Tabas to Ravar road and 134 Km near the Town of Deyhouk, has registration as a National Effect.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, Mrs. Shabnam Zadeh, who is liable for Recording the Historic and Valuable Contexture of Villages and Towns of the County of South Khorasan said: 'In the early centuries of Islamic history, documentation and history books, the name of Nayband along with its definition as a resort has been on the desert margin, such that it was noted by Estakhri and Ibn-e Houghal. Perhaps the most important factor in the emerge of villages in this part of the Desert, the unique Hot and Cold Water Springs in the area,  known as Zardgah and Dig-e Rostam. The Fountain with terrestrial processes is the result of activities that have been ongoing in this area and has attracted attention from rural residents and passersby. The Town of Nayband is in the middle of the desert and the formation of a favorable environment to create Gardens and Palm Groves in the surrounding rural areas, multi-storey gardens of Palms, Citrus Trees and growing Vegetables, is shaped around the village. With wnding streets in a multistory form of buildings located at the top of the Mountain where all around are Gardens and Palms, that create the valuable Cultural Landscape in the middle of the Desert'.


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