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The Old Sycamore Tree Collection in the Village of Baraz in the Town of Ghayen is Recorded on the National Natural Heritage List

The suggested file of registration of the Old Sycamore Tree Collection in the Village of Bozbisheh in Ghayen in a meeting of registration and privacy committee of Natural Heritages was confirmed and recorded on the National Natural Heritage List by the Cultural Heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of the Country.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, Mrs. Zahra Malakouti the Expert for Recording Natural Heritages in the County of South Khorasan said: 'The Baraz village is an interesting place in Ghayenat which has a natural environment with diverse and extensive gardens and farms, because of the favorable climate in different seasons it is a beautiful and pleasing place for vacation  and also has a forest of Old Sycamores which are outstandingly famous. The trunks are covered with moss, dry leaves fall to the ground, the smell of the damp forest and fruits plane, which gives memories of the forests of north Iran. The  woodland of these Sycamore Trees covers about 3 square kilometers. In this area in addition to the Sycamore, Willow, Walnut, Cypress and Fruit trees can be seen. In this area there are 15 old Sycamores with a trunk circumference of between 13 to 17 meters and a height of 16 to 23 meters. In some places due to the massive amount of foliage, they are intertwined, the space is dark and without sufficient light. The intertwining of trees makes it impossible to accurately calculate the size of the crown of most of these trees. All the trees are lush and green and amidst the trees we can see the Old Sycamores with hollow trunks'.


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