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The Old Sycamore Tree of the Village of Bozbisheh in the Town of Ghayen is Recorded on the National Natural Heritage List

The suggested file of registration of the Old Sycamore of the Village of Bozbisheh in Ghayen in a meeting of registration and privacy committee of Natural Heritage was confirmed and recorded on the National Natural Heritage List by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of the Country on the  27/04/2016.

From a report from the Public Relations Department of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Administration of South Khorasan, Mrs. Zahra Malakouti the Expert for Recording Natural Heritages in the County of South Khorasan said: 'The Bozbisheh Village is located in the valley of relatively high mountains, that's why the village is located in a closed area surrounded by mountains. The climate of this region has a moderate mountain climate. In this village there are green and fresh trees which double up the beauty of the village so that passers-by can rest in the pleasant shade and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. With a height of 17 meters and a trunk circumference of 10.7 meters and a hollow trunk the tree is located on the north side of the pool and at a distance among the other trees around it this tree stands out very significantly. The villagers and other villages show great interest in the sycamore and consider it blessing the village water. The Old Plane located next to the pool with greeness and freshness and the surroundings makes this place an appropriate environment for people so much so, that this area attracts many tourists who come here from all over the city.  The ridges that can be seen around the tree to indicates is age.The tree trunk from a distance of 2/5 meters from ground level divides into five sub-trunks which the largest is three meters. The crown cover of this tree is 127/6 meters and all these specifications shows the age of this tree'.


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