The Roubiyat Valley and Cave

After passing through the narrow valley and high altitude we reach the Roubiyat Cave which is located 30 Km from the City of Birjand. This cave is not very long because it was created by water erosion but its depth is 60 m. The Sediment layers in the cave had doubled its beauty.

The cave is made of limestone and the entrance to this beautiful cave begins with a descent of 10 meters. The floors and walls of the cave due to being wet are slippery. Early humans scrapped away at the angles of the cave and to make it fit for living quarters. After passing through several horizontal and vertical corridors to the bottom of the cave we arrive at a natural well, and today a majority of these wells had been blocked due to the erosion of soil and rock. In some parts of the cave the formations are beautiful “Karsts”.

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Additional Info

  • The Name of Attraction: The Roubiyat Valley and Cave
  • Type of Attraction: Cave
  • township: Birjand
  • Best Time for travel: Spring, Summer
  • Type of road: Asphalt, Earthen
  • Distance to city center: 30
  • Distance to center of township: 30
  • Distance to center of province: 30
  • Distance to nearest railway station: 300
  • Distance to nearest Airport: 30
  • Longitude: 0
  • Latitude: 0
  • Above sea level: 0
  • Address: Southern Khorasan - 30 Km South West of the City of Birjand
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