The Ferdows Mineral Spa (Hot Water)

Ferdows Hot Spring is located at 22kms on the main road of Ferdows to Mashhad and two hundred years and in olden times two pools were built of stone and lime, its ceiling is built with bricks in a dome form and because of its curative waters and the surrounding villages and neighboring towns it can be reached on foot or by public transport for its use. In 1345 it was taken took over by the Ferdows Red Moon (Hellal Ahmar).

According to tests there it is good for the following diseases:- Skin Diseases and Liver and Joint Pains, Vasodilatation, prevention of Kidney Stone Formation, Rheumatic Diseases, Joint Pain and Nerve Tissue, Increase of Metabolism, Reducing Pain, Relief of Cramp, Increase the range of motion of the Extremities, Spine and Lumbar Disc Pain, and Improvement and Prevention of Spinal Deviation which helps a number of patients every year and the number increases. Thus Ferdows Hot Spring is one of the most important natural attractions and tourism hubs and Hydrotherapy east of the country, and every day a large number of people from the Islamic Republic of Iran visit there and in respect of the government delegation to Southern Khorasan Province, was approved as a regional tourist site.
The complex is now equipped with a hydrotherapy pool, private baths, suites accommodation with all facilities, affordable rooms, restaurants, amusement park and sports spaces, recreation.
The health benefits of hot mineral springs are mentioned in the following:
Increased organ metabolism in various parts of the body due to the heat, or the overall high metabolism.
Dilation of blood vessels:
High water temperatures lead to higher body temperature, and subsequently, veins and capillaries are dilated. In addition, dilated veins can be caused by an increase in cellular metabolism which is extra oxygen metabolism and excretion has more products.
Increased blood flow:
Increased body temperature causes the metabolisms of the cells enlarge to compensate for this, the body will increase its blood flow to the body parts. Thus, the blood flow increases after exposure to hot water.

Increased heart rate:
Followed by dilation of blood vessels and increasing blood flow rate, the larger amount of blood entering the heart and from the Frank-Starling Law (the incoming of more blood to the heart, the blood going out is more) Increases cardiac output and cardiac activity even more.
Following the creation of physiological effects in parts and organs of the body, a range of health effects can be seen in a person, including the effect of increasing blood flow and improving the nutritional status of the organs and quick disposal of waste, cramps and spasms of the occurrence of these changes, the pain disappears in athletes. In summary it can be said that the treatment of water by the effect of water on the skin. In water treatment, the skin is an essential and important organ, because the impact of water flow, skin nerve receptors is stimulated. Irritation caused by nerves, the central nervous system is affected and the effects of central nervous system that causes the therapeutic effects by the water. The use of water treatment on blood flow, metabolism, the nervous system, blood composition, and also affects the glands, finally, the accumulation of the effects on the individual psyche reflected.

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Additional Info

  • The Name of Attraction: ( The Ferdows Mineral Spa (Hot Water
  • Type of Attraction: hydrotherapy
  • township: Ferdows
  • Best Time for travel: Spring
  • Type of road: Asphalt
  • Infrastructures: Accommodation, Catering facilities, Drink water, Electrical, Telephone, Cell phone
  • Address: Southern Khorasan - ferdows - 22kms on the main road of Ferdows
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