The Celebrities and Figures of the National Museum of South Khorasan

This Museum is the oldest building located in the Akbariyeh of World Buildings, built at the end of the Zandiyeh era, and was the Government Citadel of the Great Amir Alam Khan "Heshmatol Molk e Alam" and it has been introduced in the form of images and biographies of prominent national figures in three areas of Science, Literature and National Religion, known to have been discussed and presented in their works and writings.

Among the older figures presented in the Museum are Ebne Hesam Khousfi, Hakim Nezari, Hakim Bouzarjomehre Qayeni, Abdul Ali Birjandi and Badi'ozaman Foruzanfar. As well five of the Fathers of Fame of the Country of Iran which have been introduced in this Museum are:

  • Professor Mohammad Hassan Ganji, the Father of Modern Geography and Meteorology of Iran
  • Doctor Mehdi Balali Moud, the Father of Toxicology of Iran
  • Doctor Kazem Motamednejad, the Father of Telecommunications of Iran
  • Doctor Seyed Mohammad Meshkat, the Father of Modern Economics of Iran
  • Doctor Ali Akbar Bahraman, the Father of Orthodontics of Iran

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