The Celebrities and prides Museum of Ghaen

This Museum in Ghaen is for the introduction and biographical description to show people interested in the work and achievements of the citizens, is crucial.

This museum has a collection of letters, documents, manuscripts, books and scripts, signs (national, scientific and literary), tables and large photographs of scientific, religious and cultural field to showcase this part of Iran that the status of the Elders Council in the field of scientific, cultural and religion of Iran and with even explanations of the world.
The museum works have been divided and provided on "subject matter and content". The Museum of the proposed requirements includes the following:
The Religious Scholars and Religious Section
This section is divided into two parts, old and contemporary religious scholars. The great figures of the ancient religious scholars are introduced in a range, such as, Haj Seyed Hassan- ebne- Mohammad Hossaini Ghaeni, Molana Abou Sharif, Soltan Mohammad Ghaeni, Seyed Mohammad Nourbakhsh, Seyed Abou Taleb- ebne- Abi Torab Hossaini"The Priest from Ghaen"and Sheykh Abou Abdollahe Khezri….
Also in contemporary religious scholars, people like Ayatollah Agha Seyed Ali Mahdavi, Ayatollah Seyed Morteza Isfehani (Respected Friday Imam of Ghaen City), Ayatolah Mohammad Sadeghe O'Hadi, Hojat -ol- Islam Mohammad Reza Amin Zadeh and Hojat-ol- Islam Ali Fazel Ghaeni Najafi and …are presented.
The Poets Section
The Poets who have been represented in this section are Secretary of Bamroudi, Molana Vali Dasht Bayazi, Maznab Bamroudi, Mohammad Hossain Ghasere Zohani and Serri Ghaeni can be named.
The Calligraphers Section
In this group of educated Ghaen calligraphers such as Mohammad Akbar Maneshi Bamrousi, Gholam Hossain Zohani "Holy Clergy” Sultan Mohammad Shahrakhty, Mohammad Afzale Dashte Bayazi and Yaghoub- ebne- Eshaghe Ghohestani and …. are introduced.
The Enduring Figures Section
This section also introduces the survival figures such as Professor Seyed Kazem Lelahi, Fatemeh Saffari, Dr. Hadi Arabi, Dr. Seyed Alireza Mojtahedzadeh , Dr. Reza Zomorodian and Engineer Ehtesham and….
The Martyrs Section
The famous martyrs of Ghaen in this section presented are, Shahid Mahmoud Kaveh, Shahid Sardar Mohammad Naser Naseri and Shahid Dr.Mahdi Amin Zadeh (Deputy Interior Minister of Commerce).
The Rulers and Politicians Section
This section is divided into two parts, Generals and Old Parliament. The figures presented in the rulers section are, Qasim- ebne- Ibrahim Abu Mansur Ghaeni (known as Abouzar Jamhr and Baba Abouzar), Amir Khalil Zirkouhi, Qarni Dynasty, Alams Family and Haji Haghdad Asadzadeh and….have been listed.

Also in the Parliament, representatives in Parliament for many years who faithfully served the City of Ghaen like Hojat- ol- Islam Moosa Ghorbani are presented.
The Education Section
This section also introduces the pioneers of education like Ostad Adib,Ostad Azari, Ostad Ohadi, Ostad Amiri, Ostad Naseh and Ostad Soltani…and introduces the first school of the township.
Ghaen Fame Museum is a gift to all scholars, thinkers and people who protect heritage and is a celebration of veterans and spearheads the land and to survive their names and also to restore the history of the country to promote cultural identity thoroughly to hold step.

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