The Anthropology Museum of Ghaen

The Anthropology Museum designed on ground floor of the Soltani's historical house which is one of the historical buildings in Ghaen and was opened in 1384.

The Soltani's old building is on Janbazan Street and is located within the historical context of Ghaen with a cohesive and healthy texture around it encompasses. This old house is owned by the Sultani's family and land owners of Ghaen. Truly, the building was owned by the Zand period and in the Qajar period, besides the changes in the space which have been created and added to.
This museum has various sectors like: - Yalda Celebration (Kaff Zani), Quern, Weaving Jajim, planting and harvesting of saffron, spinning, batting and Jelak Risi, traditional agriculture ceremony, Tolom Zani (producer of dairy products) and traditional wedding ceremony with drum and local dance (Implementation The Maghami Music from Ghaen and Southern Khorasan) using mannequins with local coverage that reflects the ancient customs of the region, have been designed.

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