The Anthropology Museum of Ferdows

The Museum of Anthropology in Ferdows consists of two parts:- "customs bathroom" and" traditional occupations " which is from the ancient city of Ferdows, including the Museum of works that are from the forge, Namadmal, woodturning, tonsorial and ... which have been presented with an explanation at each section. Other sections of the museum are a living room, kitchen and gallery.

The Khayrooz Bath is one of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the town of Toon. Sultan Ibrahim and Sultan Muhammad shrines are to the south side. This historical building dates back to the Safavi period. This bath was seriously damaged in the earthquake of 1347 and then it was unusable and became obsolete.
The architectural baths include Sardasht and Kooshk baths are unique in the region and have an interesting point to make out is that, they have subterranean water running into the men's bathroom (Sar Bineh) so that after passing through the ladies bathroom (Sar Bineh) when it was designed. The bathroom has two parts (male and female) which are separate. History of the building dates back to the Safavi period and in 1335 it was added to the sections.

The monument unfortunately due to the earthquake damage was neglected with much adversity and the natural and human damage, and quite a lot of it became ruins and rubble. In 1383 it was proposed to represent the Cultural Heritage of the City and it was registered on the 05/04/1384, Reg. No. 1281 in the National Index and then the Cultural Heritage Protection. Studies conducted in recent years after it was decided to have it repaired by the City Museum Anthropology, which was started and the operation of restoration of the building began in 1386 and lasted until the summer of 1391. The total funds allocated for the repairs, reconstruction and building of the museum, is equivalent to 3,500 Million Rials has been the national and provincial credit.
The area of Kheyrooz Bath is 1,200 square meters and has a total area of 2,500 square meters.

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