The Anthropology Museum of the City of Birjand

This Museum was after the Archeology Museum with the order of the Cultural Heritage in 1372 on the ground floor of the World Complex of the Akbariyeh Garden and Building came into operation.

Some of the lives, jobs and careers in South area of Khorasan, not long ago, were customary and are now obsolete, are shown in the Anthropology museum. Some objects are about a hundred years old. Different parts of this museum show a Wedding Ceremony, Agriculture, Basket Weaving, Pottery, Grocery, Shoe Maker (Cobbler), Quern (Dastasi), Forge, Doctor (Hakimbashi), Barbershop, Spinning, Production of Textiles which are shown by Mannequins.
In addition to linking youth with past traditions, the main purpose of the establishment of the museum is to declare the Cultures and traditional native- regional and Recognition of the values of economic, social, cultural and technological tools, objects and customs.

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