The Handicrafts and Anthropology Museum of Sarayan

The Museum of Anthropology objects at the Shotor Khan Inn in the town of Sarayan was launched. This Inn is also known as the "Robot-e- Shah Abbasi" with works from the Safavi period, the method is two porches and the architecture of the area consists of :- porch, entrance, vestibule, ancillary rooms and numerous Hojreh and Shotor Khan.

This Museum has a living hall that contains objects of Anthropology from the past and old handicrafts, like Silk weaving - Shawl weaving - Knife Making, which individually include tools, such as spinning and weaving industries, carpet weaving and bell casting, kitchen appliances, utensils, objects used in certain rituals, lighting, textiles and local manuscripts, within a set of windows to display and represent lifestyles, arts, and crafts of the region in the past what.

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