The Private Museum of Boshrouyeh

The Boshrouyeh private museum in May 1387, in partnership with the private sector in the historic home of Mullah Abdollah Toony (Asadi) was located in the historical context of the City of Boshrouyeh was established.This building is a house with four porches from the Safavi period by traditional architects and Mullah Abdollah Toony who was born there in the Safavi period and there are multiple rooms, a kitchen, bedroom and the winter and windward rooms.

According to some locals, the Building of Asadi's House is about four hundred years old, due to its architecture and decoration; it was built simultaneously with the construction of the Mosque of Boshruyeh Miandeh.
: The objects on display in the Museum include
-Kitchen and Spoon Specimens
-Binding and Transcription Accessories
-Types of Locks, Bells and Military Equipment
-Coins and Jewelry
-In addition to the above, potteries from the pre-Islamic period and coins belonging to the province during the eighth Imam (Imam Reza A.S.), the museum has an added significance.

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