The Athletic Heritage Museum of the City of Birjand

The Athletic Heritage Museum was opened in 1385, and coincided with the Government Week and with Partnership of the private sector in the Amir Arab Old Gymnasium known as "Low Band Gymnasium".

The history of Amir Arab is over 200 years ago, at that time only a gymnasium in the neighborhood "Labe Band" and within the section called "Haji Mohammad Jafar" and "Baroot Kuban" lane was located in a section known as the Lab Band Gymnasium (In the local dialect "Low Band") and Amir Arab is now called the Gymnasium. Amir Arab of Sports Gymnasium Monument has long been famous for its heroes, until in 1380 the new building of the gymnasium to exploit it and thought of creating a museum and a permanent exhibition of athletic and sports legacies of the ancient monument became strong.
Different parts of the museum are: Adisplay of pictures of famous heroes and pioneers, tools, sports equipment (such as Mill, Kbadeh, swimming boards, etc.), multiplication, athletic decorative tools such as sword and shield and a model that states different sports are brought into view.
The purpose of the establishment of the museum is to offer the public's understanding of the ancient sports of long-standing traditions in this field and people.

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