The Water Museum of Ghaen

The Water Museum of Ghaen along with the Honorable Board of the ninth and tenth trip to this city, in November 1386, after the operation of restoration of cultural heritage in Ghaen, the water storage in the bazaar was opened.

The water storage in the alley of Sangi Street is located in the old market place and that's why the market is famous for water storage, the aqueduct (Kohnab) was dehydrated. The cistern building is with all the parts and has the main characteristics of cisterns and a stairway that leads to the Pashir. With respect to the coverage of the existing cistern building, and historical evidence relates to the Timurid period. This Museum is the only water museum in the county consisting of Water Highways displaying the date and time collections of images related to water plants (dams, reservoirs, aqueducts, etc.), dedicated and etc.

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