The Chelleh Night Ceremony

The first night of winter was called Chelleh or Yalda night and the people of ancient times honored this evening and celebrate with family members and relatives gather together at the elder person’s home and they are happy when celebrating.

Someone plays music on the musical instrument the Dayereh and they sing the char beyties (4 line song), the house owner welcomes them with a variety of sweets, nuts and fruits that have been bought and have kept them for the night, particularly watermelons and pomegranate. The watermelon fruit is mostly eaten, because they believe, that if on that night someone eats watermelon, in the upcoming summer heat they will be safe.
The other local ceremony on that night is Kaf Zani although they do this on other nights of the winter season to be joyful but the Kaf Zani ceremony is more important for the Chelleh night than other nights.
Currently, in some parts of the county on the Chelleh night for new brides they collect gifts and some fruits, nuts etc….
The Chelleh Night Ceremony with No: 807 on the 23/01/2013 was registered on the National Index in the Country.

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Additional Info

  • Title of Subject: The Chelleh Night Ceremony
  • Group of Subject: آیین و سنتی
  • Registration Number: 807
  • Date of Reord: Wednesday, 11 April 2012
  • Geographic Situation: Southern Khorasan
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