The Skill of Weaving the Barak in Mood

(The Record Number in the National Intellectual Heritage - 810)
The weaving the traditional cloth which are made from different raw materials (Cotton, Worsted Thread, Silk, and Soft Wool) and with 2Verdi and 4 Verdi traditional machines which are very limited in the South Khorasan area.

From many years ago weaving the towel which the local name is (Too-Baffi or Toon-Baffi) and weaving the Barak which called ( Korki-Baffi or Kurgi-Baffi) is one of the oldest industries in the south of Great Khorasan and dates back to the Saljoghiyeh era.
To define the Barak we can say: A cloth with warp, weft and thickness, which is made from goat and camel’s wool and clothes are made with them for winter.
The Barak has a special fineness and firmness which the locals call Korki, Kurgi and Kurgin. The Barak and the other industries are specially woven in Sarbisheh (especially in Mood) Khoosf and Boshrooye areas. A different weaving process is used for the hand and face towel are, bath towel, handkerchief, scarf, Ghatife, Longi and night Chador (like a sheet).Weaving the Korki cloth with designs and

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Additional Info

  • Title of Subject: The Skill of Weaving the Barak in Mood
  • Group of Subject: فنون و صنایع
  • Registration Number: 810
  • Date of Reord: Wednesday, 23 January 2013
  • Geographic Situation: Sarbisheh, Boshroyeh, Khusf
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