The Skill of Leather Shoe Making (Charmeh Village of Sarayan)

The Skill and Technique of Leather Shoe Making in the Charmeh Village of Sarayan with Number 72 on 23/1/2013 was registered in the National Monuments.
The construction of local shoes in Birjand goes back to 1300 A.H. and in the County of Southern Khorasan many different shoes have been made namely:- Saghari, Simple Shoes, Ostekhani (Osseous), Wooden Talabak, Giveh, Gorji Shoes, Orsi , Choopani, etc, and usually the shoes are made from leather, rubber and cotton.

Among the most common types of shoes which are still in use are a variety of leather shoes, also the Giveh that there crocheted by hand and machines. Leather shoes are produced in the Charmeh Village in the Sarayan Township. In the past most of people who live in villages were subsistence in the same way and that’s why this village is called Charmeh. The tools needed for making leather shoes are: - Knife, pliers, hook, punch, anvil, file, awl, hammer, yarns, shoemaker’s mallet and some short nails for the base.

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Additional Info

  • Title of Subject: The Skill of Leather Shoe Making (Charmeh Village of Sarayan)
  • Group of Subject: فنون و صنایع
  • Registration Number: 72
  • Date of Reord: Wednesday, 23 January 2013
  • Geographic Situation: Sarayan
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