The Mighan Cistern

Due to the characteristics in the architecture and structure of the storage pool in the Village of Mighan it is probably more than one hundred years old and the existing storage pool belongs to the Qajar era and likely the end of this era.

The architectural structure of the storage tank consists of a water storage pool, the coverage of the pool and entrance to the building. To provide this a large area of land was considered for the construction of a reservoir. In fact the bottom of the tank is in concrete and impermeable. After construction of the tank and its covering, the next step was to establish the stairway for access to water from the pool that caused contact with the water and moisture on the surface of the architectural elements were covered with mortar. The entrance porch of the Cistern had a façade which is adorned with ceiling music and guides the pedestrians through into the pond for the withdrawal of water, the input port dock is located slightly away from the porch and the entrance is in low height and in the past all these pools of cisterns had stone inscriptions which may show the date of the building and the name of the there are no builder but today signs on them.

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Additional Info

  • Name of Effect: The Mighan Cistern
  • Type of Effect: Water Storage
  • National registration number: 3964
  • Date of Reord: Tuesday, 02 October 2001
  • Antiquity/Period: Qajar
  • Type of Use: Water Storage
  • Proprietorship: non-ownership
  • Longitude: 46-48-31
  • Latitude: 58-27-59
  • Above sea level: 1443
  • township: Nehbandan
  • Location: Out Side the City
  • Address: Nehbandan, Mighan Village
  • Distance to city center: 100
  • Distance to center of township: 100
  • Distance to center of province: 300
  • Type of road: Earthen
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