Khezri Mosque

Khezri mosque building is located one kilometer away from the new City of Khezri. This distance could indicate an earthquake in 1968 that destroyed the town. The original building of Khezri Mosque was rebuilt after the destruction through people’s self-help. The current building is on the site of the original building of the mosque that is related to the Safavid era.

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Additional Info

  • Name of Effect: Khezri Mosque
  • Type of Effect: Mousqe
  • National registration number: 6653
  • Date of Reord: Tuesday, 31 December 2002
  • Antiquity/Period: Qajar
  • Type of Use: Mosque
  • Proprietorship: Consecrate
  • township: ghayenat
  • Location: Out Side the City
  • Address: 2km to the south of the Khezri city
  • Distance to city center: 2
  • Distance to center of township: 50
  • Distance to center of province: 150
  • Type of road: Asphalt
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