Zeid Al-nar Afariz Mausoleum

Zeid-ibn Musa is the son of Imam Musa Kazim (AS), the building of whose tomb, known as Zeid Al-nar Mausoleum, is located in Afariz Village, 65km southwest Qaen. The materials of the building date back to the Safavid era.

The main entrance of the tomb is in the north side and has a very beautiful Mogharnas. The tomb of Zeid Al-nar Mausoleum has a magnificent elevated dome with two crusts with a decorative tile glaze in turquoise and white patterns of flowers and bushes a part of which has been destroyed. Within the dome, there is a gray stone about which people have special beliefs.

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Additional Info

  • Name of Effect: Zeid Al-nar Afariz Mausoleum
  • Type of Effect: Tomb & Grave
  • National registration number: 1894
  • Date of Reord: Saturday, 02 August 1997
  • Antiquity/Period: Safavid
  • Type of Use: Shrine
  • Proprietorship: Consecrate
  • township: ghayenat
  • Location: Out Side the City
  • Address: Afariz Village, 60km to East Qaen
  • Distance to city center: 30
  • Distance to center of township: 60
  • Distance to center of province: 85
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