The Pir e Hajat (Contexture and Monument)

This building is the Tomb of Pir Abou Nasr Iravehei who is known as Pir e Hajat. The main building of the Tomb is located on a foothill and it is Tetrahedron which has a dome top made of bricks.The style of the building is step like and it can be traced back to the Mughal era.The Tomb is tiled with turquoise tiles and has precious objects from the Mongol and Timurid eras.

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Additional Info

  • Type of Effect: Castel
  • Date of Reord: Tuesday, 01 November 2016
  • Antiquity/Period: Historical
  • Type of Use: Unused
  • Proprietorship: Governmental
  • township: Tabas
  • Location: Out Side the City
  • Type of road: Asphalt
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