Zirkooh,The Land of Four Seasons

Zirkooh,The Land of Four Seasons
This city, located in North East of Southern Khorasan province and Occurring north of the city, the 150-kilometer border with Afghanistan's neighbors to the East and the South of the city and the West through the city covers an area of 8,058 square kilometers and is linked Ghayenat. The city has three sections and each section has two villages with a population of 41,081 people in the demographic structure of urban, rural and nomadic made.. One of the potential’s of the economic growth is the Yazdan small market on the border of the town.
The city dates back to Neolithic times, according to the available evidence (fifth and sixth millennia BC) back.. There was also development in the history of this region as fields, Avesta stack, and stack, stack Anbz round the city shows the dynamic of this area during the Parthian and Sassani periods.During the third and fourth centuries AD, particularly Islam, great advances have Zerkoh city and signs of progress seen in large areas of the southern city. Timurid and Safavi Zerkoh progress during the peak period of the city in a different location because Zordan, Afin, Shahrakht, Bamrood, Allah Dad wells, and the Roo well.

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