Tabass, the land of Palms and Orange

Tabass, the land of Palms and Orange
This Townships area is 57,080 kms, and is the first big city in Iran and is at a distance far from villages from north to the south of more than 400 km. The City of Tabass is next to the Khorasan Razavi and Semnan counties to the North, from the west to the Isfehan County, from the north to the Yazd and Kerman County and from the east to the Khoosf, Sarayan, Ferdows and Boshrooyeh Townships. The City of Tabass has three parts:- Center, Deyhook, Dast-Gardan and has three towns:- Tabass , Deyhook and Eshgh-Abad and has eight villages which are named:-Golshan, Pir-Hajat, Manzariyeh, Nakhlestan, Deyhook, Kavir, Dast-Gerdan and Kooh-Yakhab, and the population of the township (in 1390) was 68,500 people which 48,000 live in town’s, and 20,500 live in villages. This city has an airport and train station, which holds many advantages, to the relation of the area and is easy for tourist’s to visit.
It is true; the name of Tabass comes from Tab which means fever. The City of Tabbas was a part of the Sagart area. Having some cemeteries and yards shows the historical period. The Castle of Tabbas was built in this period. Tabbas at the Teymoorian period and Safavi period was attacked by the Ozbacks many times. In Ghajariyes period especially in the Mir Hassan Khans period, which was repaired after a very bad earthquake in 1357, but it still remains the Flower Garden (Golestan) in the middle of the desert.

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