Sarbisheh, The Land of Historical Villages

Sarbisheh, The Land of Historical Villages
The centre of Sarbisheh City is the town of Sarbisheh and is 8,251 kms square to the East of Iran, north-east of the border of the Loot Desert and is south-east of Birjand, and it is on the highway from Birjand to Zahedan, which to the north is next to the Darmiyan township, to the south to the Nehbandan town and to the east, the border of Afghanistan which is 110 kms long. Sarbisheh Township is 66 kms to theBirjand.
In historical books like Mojam-al-Baldan, Nozhat-al-Gholoob, The Hafeze Abro's Geography and Baharestan, describe about Sarbisheh, Momen Abad and Nahar Jan and the mosques and historical works, an attraction for Tourists.From the writings of Ayati in Baharestan,"Sarbisheh is an old town, which is from before Islam. The people were Zoroaster". In Nozhat-al-Gholoob, the book from Hamdolah Mostofi says:- " Aboubakr-Ali-Ebne-Hassan-Ghohestani the extolled of Farokhi Sistani was from this town which was one of the scientists of the Soltan-Mohammad-Ghaznavi’s period".About the meaning of Sarbisheh they say, because the land in the south of the town was green and had water and the town was inside of this place they called it Sarbisheh. Some people were called Sard Bisheh because it was cold there, and after many times they took away the “D".From the Historical records, some effects like Chel Dokhtar Cave and enclosures of Mohammad Laleh Chelated ,the end of the Kandook Solomon's chelated, Ghabri Mood and Chenesht Valley are show the age of this town is going back before the Pre-history and history period.

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